How to Install WordPress Manually & Softaculous step by step

What is WordPress?

How to Install WordPress Manually & Softaculous. WordPress is the greatest and popular content management system (CMS). Why use WordPress? Because it’s very user-friendly and has lots of features easily customizable. WP(CMS) is always famous for blogging, affiliate marketing, E-commerce, authority site, news portal, etc. WordPress’s most powerful feature plugin and many types of work can be done by plugins.

How to Install WordPress Manually & Softaculous

Before Installing WordPress a few things required domain and hosting. If you are a new user you can use any localhost local server like WAMP/XAMPP/MAMP  Install WordPress Manually. We highly recommend best practice use domain hosting. Especially most of all I prefer Bluehost & Hostgator but if you have a cheap budget you can use Namecheap this hosting use also (wpfreebee) therefore you can use it. 

How to Install WordPress using Localhost (Local Server)

In fact, I already discuss talking about WordPress. Now you need two things for WP installation download WordPress and anyone server I like Xampp. This total process installs on your personal computer and set up an environment localhost server.

how to install wordpress manually

What is Xampp?

Xampp is an open-source free software it has (86 – bit) or (64 – bit) bit. Xampp develops by apache friends. This software consists of Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database, or interpreters for PHP scripting writing and Perl programming language. There are multiple clients like WAMP and MAMP but XAMPP is totally free and easy to use and we recommend you use XAMPP. Simple just install XAMPP like other software as well as when installation is complete just open XAMPP click the Apache & MySQL start.

Go to your web browser and type browser address bar localhost/PHPMyAdmin.

Now create a new database

The database creates complete and goto your XAMPP installation directory like E:\xampp\htdocs create a new folder use any name “mytestsite”  WordPress all file copy in this folder.

Again go to your browse E:\xampp\htdocs\mytestsite first see many types of language options you can select your desired language English (United States) then go to next step select continue now you need (Database name, Database username, Database password, Database host) If alright then you click let’s go button and accurately put all information in these field click submit.

Click Run the installation

Now in this field fill up on your all information click install wordpress manually

All processes are complete then you get a WordPress login panel put your username and password then proceed to your WordPress dashboard.

Below added some additional note might help WordPress installation

How to Copy Website Using Httrack Without Mirror Error Problem

XAMPP & Skype Error Troubleshooting 

If you have to install Skype on your computer you can face various problems like MSQL not running conflict on your skype because Apache and Skype use the same port number. To solve the problem change the Skype port number. Here is the simple solution for the 80 port problem. Skype version is below the under 8 this process work. Open your skype application go to Tools -> Options then click an advance tab and go to Connections uncheck the box it’s called Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections save and restart your computer. If else use the latest version skype already solve the port problem.

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous

Softaculous is an auto script installer and it’s very popular for web applications like WordPress and complete your setup with just a few clicks. The most popular hosting company like Bluehost & Hostgator support Softaculous service. Softaculous auto script installer integrated with website Cpanel. Just go to Cpanel and simply log in your Cpanel and a little bit scroll down go to softaculous app installer click WordPress icon install WordPress on your server.

Click Install Now then next step softaculous ask you and where to install on WordPress now you can choose protocol http:// or http://www. as protocol. If you have any SSL for your domain you select https:// it else http:// protocol. After that, you need a domain where you want to install the WordPress select your desire domain. Maximum users use domain root directory.

This section is properly fillup first you need to provide the website name and description. Admin account softaculous already provide username or password but if you want to you can use your desire username or use a strong password chose your language I use English. Finally, mind it total review your WordPress fillup form then click the install button.

When you click install then run the WordPress installation process just a few second waits then finished WordPress installation process.

You will see the message when after the installation is finished.


We hope from this tutorial you will be benefited and be able to how to Install WordPress Manually & Softaculous.